Bridging the Divide: Addressing Employment Challenges for Persons with Disabilities in Balochistan

By Muhammad Hussain

In a candid interview, Samiullah, Chairperson of Bahali Mazoraan Organization and a person with a disability, sheds light on the persistent challenges faced by the disabled community in Balochistan, particularly regarding employment opportunities in the government sector.

Despite the government’s commendable decision in 2017 to increase the quota for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in government positions from two to 5%, the practical realization of this initiative remains disappointingly inadequate. Nearly 16,000 PWDs, primarily males, encounter hurdles in accessing job opportunities, while cultural constraints prevent many females from even being registered, confining them to their homes.

While the 2017 increase in the special quota for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) was initially seen as a positive step, its practical implementation has faced notable challenges.

Samiullah’s interview emphasizes the gap between policy and practice. Despite the increased quota, PWDs continue to grapple with unemployment, raising questions about the effectiveness of the system designed to uplift them. He asserts the government’s responsibility to citizens facing physical challenges, calling for robust and unwavering policies to address these issues.

Independent statistics reveal that over 16,000 disabled individuals, mostly men, await opportunities in the public sector. Samiullah stresses the need for governmental intervention, despite the presence of organizations actively working towards the rehabilitation of PWDs, including Breaking Barriers for Women and Disabled.

Legal expert Sajid Tareen underscores the importance of stringent implementation of existing quotas for PWDs, emphasizing Balochistan’s commitment to guaranteeing the rights of these individuals. He calls on the government not only to create policies but to ensure their effective execution.
*In a notable development, the government has recently increased the Special Conveyance Allowance from 2000 to 4000 rupees, marking a significant 200% increase in financial assistance for PWDs.

As the discourse on the rights and opportunities for disabled persons gains momentum, advocates like Samiullah and legal experts like Sajid Tareen underscore the urgency for the government to bridge the gap between legislation and practical implementation. Their voices emphasize the need for a concerted effort to ensure an inclusive and equitable society for all, including Persons with Disabilities in Balochistan.

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