Billiea Eilish was dozing while her Grammy nominations were getting announced

Billiea Eilish was dozing while her Grammy nominations were getting announced

Los Angeles: Billie Eilish’s fans had been up and cheering while the singer bagged nominations for the Grammys but apparently the singer herself was fast asleep.

The highly acclaimed teen sensation spoke about her reaction to receiving the nominations of the prestigious award show during an interview in Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week.

Asked about whether she had been up to hear the nominations getting announced, she said: “That went up at, like, 5 a.m. I’m not gonna wake up for that!”

“I mean, the Grammys is the Grammys, so it’s like…as cool as everything else is, it’s like, the Grammys. You know what I mean?” the vocal powerhouse reacted.

“I’ve watched that every single year of my entire life, like judging all the girls’ ugly ass dresses…so the fact that I’m the same little girl watching that in my living room, and then I’m still in that same living room being nominated for six, like, what is that?” she further said.

The artist may only be 17 years of age but her maturity and wisdom is something that is looked up to by all. Speaking about her upcoming 18th birthday, the singer opened up about her tackling fame and glory saying: “A couple of weeks ago I kind of decided to start living like I just woke up and this was my life,” she said. “In a good way. Like if I was my 12-year-old self and suddenly I woke up and this was my life, how would I look at it? And what would I be like, ‘Oh my god!’ that right now I’m taking for granted? So I’ve been trying to live like that lately.”

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