CDA unveils ambitious green initiatives for Islamabad’s Eco-friendly future

In a significant step towards enhancing the environmental sustainability of the federal capital, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced a groundbreaking series of initiatives aimed at transforming Islamabad into a model city for climate-friendly e-mobility.
The CDA spokesperson, Nauman Khalid, highlighted key projects, including the implementation of an automated car parking system, the introduction of electric buses, citywide tree-plantation drives, and the establishment of an extensive bicycle route network. These initiatives collectively aim to promote a greener, more sustainable transportation system while minimizing the city’s carbon footprint.
Speaking to a private news channel, the spokesperson emphasized the strategic measures being taken to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The focal point of these efforts is the imminent launch of over 200 electric buses that are set to revolutionize transportation in Islamabad, providing citizens with an eco-friendly alternative for their daily commute.
The introduction of electric buses not only signifies a shift towards environmentally conscious travel but also promises to contribute to reduced traffic congestion. Additionally, citizens can anticipate the unveiling of new routes, enhancing connectivity, and further improving the overall climate of the capital.
Addressing the cycling project, the spokesperson outlined an ambitious plan to create a secure and extensive citywide bicycle route network. This initiative, aimed at promoting safe and accessible cycling throughout Islamabad, offers citizens an equitable and sustainable commuting option.
In a move to address longstanding parking issues in the federal capital, the CDA spokesperson announced a collaboration with banks to introduce an automated car parking system. This innovative step is expected to streamline parking facilities and enhance the overall urban experience for residents.
Responding to a query about tree planting, the spokesperson highlighted a collaborative effort with universities to launch a mega tree planting drive. This initiative not only aims to increase the city’s green cover but also involves citizens, particularly educational institutions, in preserving the natural beauty of Islamabad.
The unveiled initiatives represent a holistic approach by the CDA to create a more environmentally conscious and sustainable urban environment, positioning Islamabad as a beacon for green initiatives in the region.

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