China’s manufacturing hub to boost digital infrastructure

Jiangsu province, a manufacturing hub in East China, will strive to accelerate digital infrastructure construction in 2024, according to an action plan released by the province.
“Jiangsu plans to increase its number of 5G base stations to 280,000 by the end of this year, while also completing upgrades of the 5G network across 50 hospitals and 500 km of expressways,” the action plan noted.
“In addition, Jiangsu will promote the application of 5G technologies in fields like education, tourism, healthcare and energy, it said. The number of 5G application projects signed by the end of 2024 will exceed 10,000, including 4,000 5G-powered industrial internet projects and 500 5G factories,” China Daily reported.
Recognizing the key role of computing power in developing the digital economy, Jiangsu will encourage cities like Suzhou and Nanjing to build large intelligent computing centers to prop up the development of industrial manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles, and the smart power grid, it said.
China has been speeding up its efforts to develop 5G technologies and networks. By 2025, China aims to achieve 5G network coverage of all cities and towns, as well as most villages, according to a development plan on digital infrastructure issued by the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.



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