Construction of Burj Aziz Khan Dam

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It is generally accepted that the construction of the Burj Aziz khan dam is really a bootless decision. Which is taken a few months ago by the Balochistan government. It is decided by the government that the dam is to be constructed in Pishin District Balochistan in order to supply water to the capital of Balochistan Quetta. In addition, the flood water comes from numerous areas of Balochistan, which includes Khan Materzi, Barshore, Toba kakari, Toba Achakzai, Ziarat, and Kalat. Finally, it gets together at Pishin where the government planned to construct the dam. It does not stop here it keeps going and passes through the plethora of areas, which are Gulistan, Hilaqa-e-Afghanistan, Badi-e-Karez, and probably 60KM it travels in Afghanistan then, later on, it gets entered in Pakistan. It passes from the Anam Bostan where three major tribes reside. Which are Mengal, Badini, and Jamaldini. These three tribes have Millions of acres of land which completely relies on floodwater. Their source of income is really dependent on agriculture. It is obvious for the cultivation they require water. Besides, this one’s view in this regard is that a significant majority of these tribes keep sheep and goats and for that they really need water. This is considered another source of income for them. However, thus, the construction of the dam would really be more than a cyclonic or debacle for the residents.
Moreover, flood water does not curb here. It keeps flowing from Anam Bostan towards Zangi Nawar which is considered an eminent lake not only in Pakistan but also across the globe. It is located in the south of district Noshki which is surrounded by the shimmering deserts that really proliferate its essence. Apart from this, it is also known as a redoubtable and really a hunting spot where people visit from occident for the purpose of hunting and enjoyment. No doubt, its beauty relies on the flood water. Hence, the construction of the dam would really make its beauty deteriorated. Furthermore, the flood water does not stop here it keeps flowing and gets entered in Chaghi district. Where numerous tribes are living. Which includes Muhammad Hassani, Notezi, Mengal, Rodini, Barech, and Sanjrani. Their source of income really relies on agriculture. Indeed, for the cultivation of crops, they need water. Besides, the floodwater gets stored at the place which is known as Hamoon which actually sustain the water level of the area.
In contrary to this, it is generally argued that the construction of Burj Aziz khan Dam would really cause drought, famine, poverty, and especially it causes drought particularly, in district Noshki and chaghi. If the dam gets constructed, it will lead the people in trouble. Most people appear that the construction will result in the immigration of the people. Besides, it creates survival threats among the residents. Imperatively, it more affects the wildlife and ecosystem. Thus, the construction of a dam would really affect the prosperity and jubilance of the province.
Conclusively, it is expounded that the construction of Burj Aziz khan Dam will really deteriorate the prosperity of the province. Besides, this will cause a sort of debacle and cyclonic in the province.

The writer is student of National University of Modern Languages Main Campus Islamabad

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