Police official among five killed in Turbat 

Police official among five killed in Turbat

Five people, including a policeman, were martyred in an attack by armed men in Nasirabad area of Turbat district of Balochistan.


According to the police, 4 laborers are among the martyred people in the attack.


The police say that the four martyred laborers belong to Muzaffargarh district of Punjab.


Law enforcement agencies have started an investigation into the incident.



The martyred laborers in the Turbat attack have been identified as Mohammad Uzair, Baqir Ali, Shehbaz and Shehzad.


According to the police, the martyred laborers Shehbaz Ahmed and Shahzad Ahmed were brothers.


The dead bodies of the martyred people have been transferred to the teaching hospital in Turbat.


According to the police, 1 worker was also injured in the firing and has been shifted to the hospital

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